After the collapse of East Europe's bureaucratic dictatorships, which were mistakenly known as socialists, as well as that of other powerful but of a smaller scale projects, such as the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, capitalism increased its destructive pace over the planet and the human condition. January 1st. 1994, the day when the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into force, was also the day when the last revolutionary process of the twentieth century started, with the bursting upon the scene of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional in the south of Mexico. The appealing Zapatista discourse became very soon a point of reference in the world as a new way of fighting capitalism. Having failed to capture Subcomandante Marcos and the indigenous leadership, and due to the impressive national and international support received by the Zapatistas, whose weapons were communiqués instead of bullets, the Mexican Government was forced to sign the San Andrés Agreements, which were not complied with. As of today, tens of thousands of Zapatista indigenous keep moving ahead against all odds with their autonomy project for Chiapas. Their relationship with the federal government is still broken. The insurgent troop continues alert in the Chiapas jungle.

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