Every year, in a small ancient village located between Mexico City and the Atlantic, at the Sierra Madre Oriental, there is a fiesta where the flight of the "bird men" takes place. Five men (sometimes a woman or a child is included) climb a very high log, specially cut for the ceremony and placed at the center of the main plaza. Up there, one of them dances while playing a flute and a drum. Then, they descend "flying" in circles with a rope tied to the waist and held around their feet. While they descend, down in the plaza there are more dances, angels, devils, and more birdmen, waiting for their chance to ascend to heaven. The fiesta, which lasts all day long, is flooded with the sound of guitars and out of tune but harmonic violins. The flight of these five men, who represent the four cardinal points and the center of the universe, is a tribute to the forces and elements of nature, for them to be propitious and allow for and abundant crop. The village's name is Cuetzalan, which means, land of quetzal.

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